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GW24-e3584 Prevalence of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome in elderly patients with cardiovascular disease
  1. Hou XiaoPing,
  2. Ma YanMin,
  3. Miao JingLi,
  4. Zhang Jing,
  5. Chen YanFang,
  6. Wang YuJun
  1. Air Force General Hospital of People’s Liberation Army


Objectives To investigate the prevalence of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome (SAHS) in elderly patients with cardiovascular disease.

Methods The sleep monitoring using micro-sensitive mattress sleep monitoring system was performed in 127 hospitalised patients aged 60 or over at least two nights for detecting SAHS. The patients had one or more cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, arrhythmias, heart failure, or/and diabetes and impaired fasting glucose and (or) glucose tolerance abnormalities, hyperuricemia and chronic kidney disease.

Results There are 101 males and 26 females into this study. The average age of patients was 76.4 ± 6.8 years. 107 SAHS cases were detected. The percentage of SAHS was 84.3%. The mean apnea hypopnea index (AHI) was 22.6 ± 14.7. 64 cases were moderate or severe SAHS since their AHI≥ 15. The main respiratory events was obstructive. However, with age increasing, the time of obstructive respiratory events were shorten and hypopnea events extended, r = -0.280, P <0.01, r = 0.194, P < 0.05, respectively. The number of cases with coronary heart disease in SAHS group were more than that in the control’s, P <0.05. Nocturnal hypoxemia were detected in all of 118 cases who received monitoring of oxygen saturation in whom 50 cases (41.7%) were severe. The average level of lowest oxygen (LO2) was (79.0 ± 7.2)% and mean oxygen (AO2) was (92.8 ± 2.7)%. The age of patients was significant positive correlated with HI and negative correlated with LO2, P <0.01. The negative correlation between age and LO2 was still present after adjusted the parameters of breathing disorder, r = -0.223, P <0.05.

Conclusions The prevalence of SAHS and nocturnal hypoxemia was very high on elderly patients with cardiovascular diseases. The hypopnea events of SAHS aggravate nocturnal hypoxemia existed in elderly patients with ageing.

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