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GW24-e0051 Do longevity individuals have younger artery? ABI and ba-PWV survey on 261 elderly
  1. Jinlai Liu,
  2. Huaguang Ye,
  3. Baoshun Hao
  1. Department of Cardiology, The Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University


Objectives To test whether the longevity individuals have healthier artery, we perform ABI and ba-PWV measurement on 261 individuals aged from 70 to 101.

Methods 304 individuals aged 70-101 from two of Guangzhou’s elderly home were surveyed. Brachial-ankle PWV (ba-PWV) and ankle/Brachial index (ABI) was measured using a volume-plethymographic apparatus. Forty three individuals were excluded because of different causes, and 261 individuals (74 male and 187 female) accepted the measurement. The individuals were divided into two groups: Group A, 108 subjects aged 90 or above (93.0 ± 2.9, 22 male), and Group B, 153 subjects aged from 70 to 89 (80.7 ± 5.1, 53 male). We further excluded 77 individuals whose ABI≤0.9 before analysing the PWVs. At last 184 subjects were analysed.

Results The results showed heart rate 72.6 ± 11.5 b/min, BP 138.0 ± 20.7 / 71.7 ± 11.9 mmHg, PP 66.3 ± 14.8 mmHg, ba-PWV 2011.9 ± 330.0 cm/s in Group A, and heart rate 73.1 ± 12.0 b/min, BP 137.8 ± 21.6 / 74.8 ± 11.8 mmHg, PP 63.0 ± 14.3 mmHg, ba-PWV 1991.7.9 ± 458.9 cm/s in Group B. The proportion of individuals with ABI≤0.9 in Group A was 40.74%, higher than that in Group B which was 21.56%. We performed a step-wise multiple regression analysis between ba-PWV and systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse pressure, age, heart rate of Group B, then set up the equation: PWV = age×28.89 + systolic BP×13.72-2207.73. We used this equation to predict PWV value in Group A. The predicted value was 2390.82 cm/s (P< 0.000, compared to the true value in Group A).

Conclusions Some of the longevity individuals do have healthier artery, but not all longevity individuals have healthier artery. Some people with under-health cardiovascular condition benefit from medical and nursing support also have longer life. ABI measurement which is practically convenience may have special meaning in old people.

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