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GW24-e3664 Study of quantitative evaluation of individual risk of coronary heart disease
  1. T Hunag1,
  2. HM Yin1,
  3. HY Gao1,
  4. XQ Wang2,
  5. MJ Li1
  1. 1Medical School of Jinggangshan University
  2. 2Cardiovascular Internal Medicine Department, Ji’an Center People’s Hospital


Objectives To explore the quantitative evaluation methods of individual risk of coronary heart disease (CHD).

Methods Risk factors and OR values were sifted out based on the case-control study and logistic regression analysis, Fuzzy mathematics theory was adopted to construct the function of quantitative evaluation about individual risk of CHD.

Results High blood pressure history, being tired, age above 40, abdomen circumference above 90 cm, waist-to-hip ratio above 0.9 were the main risk factors of CHD, drinking milk or bean milk frequently was protective factor. The established function was RD = 0.0218×being tired + 0.0286×not drinking milk or bean milk frequently + 0.0515×HBP history + 0.2322×age above 40 + 0.5431×abdomen circumference above 90 cm + 0.1227×waist-to-hip ratio above 0.9. According to above function, every individual could be calculated a RD value, and the RD value was bigger, the risk of CHD was bigger too. When the cutoff value of RD was 0.3232, sensitivity was 89.6%, specificity was 92.9%, Youden index was 82.5%, the area under ROC curve was 0.969.

Conclusions This established quantitative evaluation function of individual risk of CHD is high accuracy, fast and convenient.

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