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GW24-e3932 Analysis of cardiovascular disease risk factor cluster and discussion of health management scheme in worksite
  1. Guo LaiJing,
  2. Li Jing-fang,
  3. Zhao Zi-yi
  1. Check-Up Center, Beijing University Shougang Hospital, Beijing 100144 China


Objectives To investigate the status of cardiovascular disease risk factors cluster in on-the-job check-up personnel and discuss comprehensive health management scheme.

Methods Physical examination was made for 2422 workers. The cardiovascular disease risk factors were analysed, and the suggestions about health management were proposed.

Results The present study indicates that 69.2% of subjects have at least one of the following cardiovascular disease risk factors. Clustering of 2 and 3 or more of these risk factors was noted in 22.4% and 16.1% respectively. Men were higher than women in the prevalence of Overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high uric acid.

Conclusions The risk factors of the cardiovascular disease would increase with the increase of age. Especially, the proportion of overweight and obesity in every age group is significantly higher, and, provides the basis for the health management program of lifestyle intervention.

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