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GW24-e3649 The Effects of different exercise intensity on cardiopulmonary function on undergraduate students
  1. Hou Lijuan1,
  2. Meng Yali2,
  3. Li Honglei1,
  4. Xiaoli Liu1
  1. 1Exercise-Physiology Lab, PE and Sports Science Department, Beijing Normal University
  2. 2PE and Sports Science Department, Ning Xia University


Objectives Cardiopulmonary function is a key aspect to evaluate the health condition, while the major function of cardiovascular system is gas exchange, supplying O2 and other fuels to working muscles, as well as removal of CO2 and other metabolites. Different exercise intensities have different influence on cardiopulmonary function on human. Cardiopulmonary stress testing (CPX) directly measures Vo2, Vco2, and air flow on a breath-by-breath basis using a no rebreathing valve connected to a metabolic cart. This article will apply CPX on the university students to access the different exercise intensity’s influence on cardiopulmonary function (supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, Beijing Education Science Planning ProgramCGA10181,2011CB711001).

Methods 30 undergraduate students were selected. Cortex Metalyzer 3B Valiant cardiopulmonary testing apparatus was used to measure the relativity index. Treadmill running is the exercise style and the intensity was controlled on 45%, 55% and 65% of the VO2max. Blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lactate was test after exercise also.

Results The testing showed the ccardiopulmonary function changes on male students on different exercise intensity. When the intensity is 55%VO2max, the oxygen uptake (l/min)is 1.75 ± 0.13, HR (1/min)is 137.20 ± 7.02, MV (l/min) is 53.03 ± 8.53, CO (l/min)is 11.57 ± 1.09, all are significantly increased compared with the condition of 45%VO2max 1.43 ± 0.10, 119.50 ± 10.61, 42.09 ± 4.30, 9.27 ± 0.70. When the intensity is 65%VO2max, the relativity index is increased to 2.08 ± 0.14, 154.90 ± 7.40, 67.46 ± 10.88, 13.44 ± 0.95, all are increased significantly not only compare to the condition of 45%VO2max but also to the intensity is 55%VO2max.

Conclusions 65% VO2max is the best exercise intensity for college students. When doing 65% VO2max exercise, the exercise duration must more than 30 minutes, then the energy consumption will be more than 300 kcal, as a valid exercise.

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