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GW24-e2379 Expression of prohibitin and proliferation in vascular smooth muscle cells after balloon injure in rat carotid artery
  1. Bao HuiHui,
  2. Li Juxiang,
  3. Yu Jiang-hua,
  4. Hong Kui,
  5. Cheng Xiaoshu
  1. Second Affiliated Hospital, Institute of Nanchang University


Objectives To study the expression Prohibitin in proliferation vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) after balloon injure in rat carotid artery.

Methods Twenty-four male SD rats of SPF grade were randomly divided into control groups with 6 animals and injured group with 18 animals. Based on the model of balloon injure in rat carotid artery, the artery tissues were harvested on 7, 14, 28 days after operation. The following investigation was carried out: Immunohistostaining and Western-blotting analysis the expression of Prohibitin in proliferation VSMCs.

Results The arterial intimal thickening and neointima formation, at 7 days after vascular balloon catheter injury, there were 4-6 layers of cells. 14 days after balloon injury, there were more than 8 ∼ 10 layers of cells, and injury induces arterial intimal thickening after 28 days. The intimal proliferation area was more thickener in 28 days than 14 days, and 14 days more thickener than 7 d after injur, the 7 days more thickener than the control group, P < 0.05. There was PHB expressed in VSMCs of normal vascular, but PHB expression was significantly increased in injured rat carotid arteries on 7 day compared with normal and further to increase on 14 day and 28 day after injury (P < 0.05)

Conclusions The results indicated there was a small amount PHB expressed in VSMCs of normal vascular, the expression of PHB may be associated with VSMCs proliferation and migration after balloon injury.

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