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GW24-e0627 Study on the efficacy and safety of transbrachial approach for complex coronary lesions
  1. Wang ShiHong,
  2. Zhang Yanling,
  3. Guo Wenzhong,
  4. Fu Xiaohong,
  5. Zhao Bing,
  6. Wang Shihong
  1. Cardiovascular Department of General Hospital of Beijing Military Region of PLA


Objectives To explore the possibility of percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) for Complex coronary lesions transbrachial approach.

Methods 100 patients with Complex coronary lesions were divided into two groups randomly. Fifty patients of group A will take PCI with transbrachial approach; Fifty patients of group B will take PCI with transfemoral approach. Success rate of operation, operation and X-ray time, average hospitalising time, the complications and fee were compared between the two groups.

Results No significant differences in baseline characteristics were observed between the two groups. PCI was successfully accomplished in all patients. No significant difference was found in the success rate of operation, operation and X-ray time (P > 0.05). The complications, average hospitalising time and fee in group A were more less than that of group B (P < 0.05-0.01).

Conclusions The transbrachial approach PCI for Complex coronary lesions which not suit for transradial approach could be the first selection of approach.

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