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GW24-e0771 The clinical significance of coronary angiography in the elderly patients with carotid artery stenosis
  1. Li Faquan,
  2. Wei Liao,
  3. Yiming Zhong
  1. The First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College


Objectives To investigate the detection rate of elderly carotid stenosis in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) and its associated risk factors.

Methods A retrospective analysis of 129 cases over 60 years old with carotid ultrasonography and coronary angiography, carotid artery stenosis (about a carotid artery stenosis ≥ 50%), clinical data and imaging data, the application of the X2 test, multi-factor logistic regression methods were statistically analysed.

Results 129 patients, detected in the CAD 114 cases (88.3%), single-vessel disease in 38 cases (33.3%) of two vessel in 27 cases (23.7%), three vessel in 40 cases (35%), left main 3 vessel in 9 cases (7.8%); multivariate logistic regression analysis, display, peripheral vascular disease is an important predictor of elderly patients with carotid artery stenosis merger of CAD.

Conclusions The patients of carotid artery stenosis over 60 years old are high-risk population with CAD, should be routinely performed coronary angiography in order to avoid misdiagnosis of CAD.

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