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GW24-e1836 Correlation between blood uric acid level and severity of coronary lesions
  1. Zhang Quan-Yu,
  2. Han yaling
  1. Department of Cardiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Research of People’s Liberation Army, Shenyang Northern Hospital, Shenyang, Liaoning 110840, China


Objectives To study the association between serum uric acid level and severity of coronary lesions in coronary heart disease.

Methods A total of 4609 in hospital possible coronary heart disease (CAD) patient were enrolled in the present study. Diagnostic coronary angiography was performed in all patients. Standard for diagnosing CAD was coronary angiography-positive (major blood vessel diameter stenosis ≥ 50%). Severity of coronary artery stenosis using Gensini integral evaluation. Patients were divided into 4 groups (0, single, two and three disease group) according to the number of main coronary artery involved. Analysis of variance, clinical parameters of Kendall correlation analysis, and logistic regression analysis were performed.

Results Blood uric acid value were higher in coronary artery stenosis group than patients without coronary artery stenosis group (328 ± 103 vs 314 ± 98 µmol/L, P < 0. 05). Coronary artery stenosis and blood uric acid, hypertension, diabetes, smoking, diuretics, lipid disorders, renal function, age, gender, individual clinical parameters were significantly correlated with coronary artery stenosis and blood uric acid level (r = 0.051-0.271, all P < 0.01). Blood uric acid level in three disease groups and uric acid were higher than other groups.(337 ± 107 vs 314 ± 98, 318 ± 99, 325 ± 100 µmol/L, P <0. 05)

Conclusions The coronary artery stenosis was independently associated with serum uric acid level.

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