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GW24-e3780 Xinjiang kazak atrial fibrillation and potassium ion channel KCNE1-G38S genetic polymorphism of relevancy
  1. Wulasihan Muhuyati,
  2. Ma Xiao-yun,
  3. Lu Wu-hong,
  4. Yang Yu-chun,
  5. Nan Yue-long
  1. First Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University


Objectives Study xinjiang kazak atrial fibrillation with potassium channels KCNE1 - G38S gene polymorphisms of the correlation.

Methods Collection of kazak in xinjiang region atrial fibrillation population group (af) and the crowd of atrial fibrillation patients (control group) 100 cases of peripheral blood specimens, extract DNA, by the polymerase chain reaction-restriction enzyme fragment length polymorphism (PCR - RFLP), identified by agarose electrophoresis analysis KCNE1 - G38S genotype and allele distribution.

Results KCNE1-G38S gene AA, AG, GG genotype frequency respectively in atrial fibrillation group 0.13 (13/100), 0. 34 (34/100) and 0.53 (53/100), in the control group were 0.10 (10/100), 0. 57 (57/100) and 0.33 (33/100), two groups of genotype distribution are statistically significant differences (P < 0.05), and atrial fibrillation group G allele frequency (0.70) was much higher than those in the control group (0.515) (P < 0.001).

Conclusions Xinjiang kazak the occurrence of af and KCNEl-G38S gene polymorphism related, which may exist race, regional differences.

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