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GW24-e1129 The analysis of cardiac resynchronisation therapy in right ventricular pacing patients
  1. Yang FangFang,
  2. Guo Hangyuan
  1. Shaoxing People’s Hospital


Objectives Acording an investigaion of 417 Grade A hospitals in China of recent 10 years, pacemaker implantation has been raising at an average of 11% per year. Overwhelming majority were received right-side DDD pacemaker. Among those patients there area great part need cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT), especially when they had got cardiomyopathy and/or heart failure. No definite guidelines were for how to update the resynchronisation system in these patients.

Methods Two CRT upgrading cases were done from right-side DDDpacemakers. In case one, the patient’s left subclavian vein was chosen for the convenience of inserting the left ventricular lead. The CRT pacemaker was still put at the primary bag. The left lead was connected to the pacemaker through a small subcutanous tunnel. In case two, the left ventricular lead was inserted through the right subclavian vein. His DDD pacemaker was upgraded in the primary bag.

Results Two procedures were done successfully, differently and individually for the maximising benefit. Post-operation follow-up showed the obvious parameters improvement, including ECG/LVEDD/EF and symptoms.

Conclusions CRT upgrading is a new path for those who had got heart failure with DDD pacemakers. It really do improve heart function through increasing the synchrony of ventricular contraction. More clinical cases and practice need for confirming this benefit.

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