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GW24-e2459 Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in prediction the hypertension patients with coronary heart disease
  1. Kuang Zemin1,
  2. Yu Zhen-qiu2,
  3. Kong Yu2,
  4. Huang Su-lan2,
  5. Yuan Hong1
  1. 1Department of Cardiovascular, Third Xiangya hospital, Central South University
  2. 2Department of Hypertension, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University


Objectives 148 cases combined dynamic blood pressure index analysis, this paper discusses the ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in essential hypertension with coronary heart disease in prediction function.

Methods According to the criteria, consecutive patients with chest pain accept coronary angiography in 546 cases of essential hypertension and coronary angiography results based on merger coronary heart disease and high blood pressure group is divided into pure high blood pressure group. 148 of them routine ambulatory blood pressure monitoring. All patients will do coronary angiography,coronary artery pathological changes of blood vessels with lesions degree count and Gensini integral said.

Results The hypertension with coronary heart disease group risk of cardiovascular events than pure hypertension patients (P < 0.05). The cardiovascular events of Hypertension with coronary heart disease patients of the 24h dynamic systolic blood pressure (24h SBP), day and night dynamic SBP (dSBP, nSBP), 24h dynamic pulse pressure (24h PP), daytime dynamic PP (dPP), night dynamic PP (nPP) is higher than the group without cardiovascular events. Many factors Logistic regression analysis showed that 24h dynamic SBP (24h SBP), night dynamic PP (nPP) and cardiovascular events happened close relationship.

Conclusions 24h dynamic SBP, night dynamic PP is high blood pressure patients with coronary heart disease risk factors of cardiovascular events.

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