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GW24-e0648 Clinical application of left ventricular systolic function in patients with rheumatic disease by three-dimensional ultrasound speckle tracking imaging
  1. He Li,
  2. Mingxing Xie
  1. Department of Ultrasonography, Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Objectives The aim of our study is to assess left ventricular global and regional systolic function in patients with pure mild to moderate rheumatic mitral stenosis (MS) by 3-dimensional ultrasound speckle tracking imaging (3D-STI).

Methods Fifty patients with pure mild to moderate rheumatic MS were enrolled in this study, 40 normal subjects matched with age and sex were selected as control groups. LV 3D-global longitudinal peak systolic strain (GLS), 3D-regional peak systolic strain in 16 segments of left ventricular mitral annular level, papillary muscle level and apical level were measured in all subjects by 3D-STI from the apical full—volume image and compared between groups. LV ejection fraction (LVEF)was acquired from 3DSTI.

Results Despite normal LV systolic function as assessed by LVEF, LV GLS was significantly reduced in patients with isolated MS (P < 0.05). Regional analysis demonstrated that patients with MS had a significantly reduced 3D-regional peak strain in all basal, and some mid (inferior, anteroseptal, posteroseptal) segments of the left ventricle. 3D-regional peak strain values were similar in other segments between the groups. A Pearson correlate revealed that LV GLS corresponded with LVEF (r = 0.601, P < 0.001) in patients with isolated MS, and LV GLS correlated with LVEF in normal subjects (r = 0.709, P < 0.001).

Conclusions LV global 3D strain decreases in patients with pure mild to moderate rheumatic MS in the Subclinical period. 3D-STI identified early abnormalities in MS patients who had apparently normal systolic function by traditional echocardiography.

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