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GW24-e0651 Evaluation of Arterial Alterations and Associated Factors of Chronic Kidney Disease by Echo-tracking Technique
  1. Ziming Zhang,
  2. Mingxing Xie
  1. Department of Ultrasonography, Union Hospital of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology


Objectives The aim of our study is to evaluate the changes in the structural and elastic of the arteries in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients with predialysisas by echo-tracking technique (ET).

Methods Thirty-nine CKD patients with predialysis were enrolled in the study and were subdivided into CKD stage 2–3 group (n = 19) and stage 4–5 group (n = 20). Forty healthy subjects were selected as the control group. The parameters of arterial structural and stiffness measured by echo-tracking technique were compared among groups: Intima-media thickness (IMT), stiffness parameter (β), pressure strain elastic modulus (Ep), arteria1 compliance (AC), augmentation index (AI), carotid pulse wave velocity (PWVβ), carotid-femoral pulse-wave velocity (PWVcf), carotid diameter (D). Furthermore, we explored the associated factors of arterial stiffness.

Results Compared with healthy group, PWVcf and D in stage 2–3 group were significantly increased (P < 0.05, P < 0.001), while PWVβ significantly were significantly increased in stage 4–5 (P < 0.05); compared with CKD 2–3 group, PWVcf and D were significantly increased in stage 4–5 (P < 0.05, P < 0.001). Stepwise multiple regression analysis demonstrated that age, estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) per 1.73m2 were independent impact factors of PWVcf.

Conclusions Echo-tracking techniquecan assess the changes in vascular structure and elasticity in patients with chronic renal insufficiency in the early stage; it can provide valuable information for clinical treatment and prevention of cardiovascular complication.

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