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GW24-e3701 Echocardiographic Observation and Clinical Significance of Echogenic Intracardiac Foci in 310 Fetuses
  1. Guo Yong,
  2. Yi-hua He
  1. Department of Ultrasound, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Capital Medical University, Beijing 100029 China


Objectives To assess the clinical meaning of Echogenic intracardiac focus in Fetuses by echocardiography.

Methods The data of 310 fetuses diagnosed as Echogenic intracardiac focusby echocardiography were reviewed, the ultrasonic characters and clinical data were analysed.

Results (1) 310 fetuses were all nature pregnancies, and pregnancies with high risk factors was 41 cases 2) The solitary EIF cases in left ventricle were 263 (85%); The solitary EIF cases in right ventricle were 1 (3‰); The multiple EIF cases in left ventricle were 44 (14% ); The multiple EIF cases in both ventricles was 2 (6‰) 3) The incidence of congenital heart disease in the EIF group was 19‰(6 cases), and there was no significant difference between the EIF group and the normal group 4) Down syndrome cases were 2 (6‰), both of them were in the high risks group (elderly pregnant woman). 5) 5 women stopped pregnancy because of fetal malformation. Among the remaining cases, EIF gradually became pale, smaller or disappeared in 281cases (92%). And 299 (96%) isolated EIF cases had a good clinicaloutcome after birth.

Conclusions The isolated EIF in fetal heart without complicating any other abnormalities has no significant clinical meaning. There were no relationship between the isolated EIF, fetal chromosome abnormality and congenital heart disease.

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