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GW24-e0010 Study of Bushenhuoxue Granules on tension of biceps brachii of patients with Parkinson's disease
  1. Li min,
  2. Yang Minghui,
  3. Yang Bo
  1. PLA General Hospital


Objectives To study the effects of Bushenhuoxue Granules on biceps brachii tension in Patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Methods Totally 102 patients were enrolled and divided into two groups randomly, 50 patients in the control group were treated with Madopar and 52 patients in the treatment group with Bushenhuoxue Granules and Madopar. The therapeutic period was totally for 7 months. Myotonometer was adopted to measure muscular tension changes of the biceps brachii at baseline time, after 3 months and after 7 months. Area under curve (AUC) was used to describe the changes of muscular tension.

Results Bushenhuoxue Granules treatment group showed a higher efficacy than the control group in relieving the motor function obstacle of Parkinson disease patients, from the aspect of biceps brachii (P<0.05). No adverse effects were found in this trial.

Conclusions Bushenhuoxue Granules can markedly relieve static muscular tension of biceps brachii and quadriceps femoris in patients with parkinson’s disease (P<0.05). There was no significant muscular tension changes in maximal volitional contraction state.

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