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GW24-e1279 Sperm DNA Fragmentation increased in Males with Metabolic Syndrome
  1. ErHong Zhang,
  2. Bin Zhang
  1. The Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, Guangdong 510630 China


Objectives To analyse the sperm DNA fragmentation and sperm morphology in males with metabolic syndrome and healthy men.

Methods 28 males with metabolic syndrome (mean age 33.64 ± 7.42 years), according to the IDF2005 definition, and 20 healthy males from our clinic were enrolled in this study. Sperm morphology was detected by modified papanicolaou staining. Sperm DNA fragmentation was measured by sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD). DNA fragmentation index (DFI) (%) = sperm with DNA fragmentation/sperm × 100%.

Results The normal rate of sperm morphology of metabolic syndrome group was compared with those of control group (4.46 ± 1.99% vs 5.57 ± 3.22%, P < 0.05). The percentage of sperm with DNA fragmentation of metabolic syndrome group was higher than those in the control group (28.3 ± 9.3% vs 14.4 ± 7.1%, P < 0.05).

Conclusions Sperm DNA damage increased in men with metabolic Syndrome. Measurement of sperm DNA fragmentation can be complementary to sperm parameters in the evaluation of male fertility.

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