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GW24-e3750 Programming about cardiovascular rennin angiotensin system of offspring rats from hypoxia during pregnancy
  1. Huang Zhiyang,
  2. Jiang Haibin
  1. Fujiang Medical University 2nd Affiliated Hospital


Objectives To study the influence of chronic hypoxia during pregnancy on cardiovascular renin angiotensin system procedural control in male offspring rats.

Methods Estabilished chronic hypoxia model in different periods of pregnancy. 36 pregnant rats were randomly assigned to six groups as follow: hypoxia groups started in pregnancy on the 3rd day (G1), 6th day (G2), 9th day (G3), 12th day (G4), 15th day (G5) and control group (G0). Each group contained 6 animal. The changes of RAS compoents in the heart and the aorta tissue of male offspring rats at the 12th weeks and 20th weeks of age were detected in each group.

Results Chronic hypoxia during pregnancy could activae the cardiovascular two axis in adult male offspring by changing the mRNA and protein expression, and the G1 group was also the most obvious.

Conclusions The Results indicates that the more and earlier exposure of hypoxia during pregnancy may have more obvious effects on offspring rats.

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