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GW24-e2380 Association of MK2 gene polymorphisms with low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and TNF in Uygur population polymorphisms from hetian area of xinjiang
  1. Lin Na,
  2. Li Nan-fang
  1. Center of Hypertension, People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Institute of Xinjiang Hypertention


Objectives To investigate the association of genetic polymorphisms of the mitogen-activated protein kinase activated protein kinase 2 gene (MK2) with low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) between different gender in Xinjiang Uygur population.

Methods A total of 350 Uygur males and 595 females were recruited randomly from Hetian area. Two single nucleotide polymorphisms (44890 c/t, rs45514798) in MK2 gene were selected and genotyped by Taqman-PCR in these subjects. All subjects underwent questionnaire-based survey, physical examination, measurement of lipid profiles and plasma TNF-α determination.

Results Among the male subjects, the concentration of total cholesterol (TC) [TT vs. CT vs. CC: (4.35 ± 1.20) mmol/L vs. (4.69 ± 1.34) mmol/L vs. (4.83 ± 1.44) mmol/L, P = 0.033] and TNF-α [TT vs. CT vs. CC: (106.63 ± 62.39) ng/dL vs. (128.44 ± 86.15) ng/dL vs. (153.06 ± 82.99) ng/dL, P = 0.001] were significantly different in 3 genotypes of 44890 c/t. However, the LDL-C levels in TT, CT, and CC genotypes of 44890 c/t were not different neither in males nor in females [males: (2.64 ± 1.16) mmol/L vs. (2.81 ± 1.28) mmol/L vs. (3.04 ± 1.32) mmol/L, P > 0.05; females: (2.42 ± 1.11) mmol/L vs. (2.36 ± 0.99) mmol/L vs. (2.43 ± 1.05) mmol/L, P > 0.05]. None of the allele and genotype frequencies of 44890 c/t and rs45514798 were different between high LDL-C group and control group. Linear regression analysis indicated that body mass index (BMI) (beta = 0.089) and TNF-α (beta = 0.092) were significantly associated with LDL-C levels in males (P < 0.05), while the age, BMI, and waist/hip ratio with LDL-C levels in females (P < 0.05).

Conclusions The nucleotide polymorphisms (44890 c/t and rs45514798) in MK2 gene may not be associated with LDL-C in both males and females in the Uygur population in Hetian, Xinjiang.

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