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GW24-e2371 The association between KCNJ5 gene polymorphism and primary aldosteronism
  1. Shi Chao,
  2. Li Hongjian,
  3. Zu Feiya,
  4. Zhang Delian,
  5. Chang Guijuan,
  6. Li Nanfang
  1. Department of Hypertension of the People’s Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Hypertension Institute of Xinjiang


Objectives To investigate the association of rs1221497 in KCNJ5 gene and primary aldosteronism (PA). KCNJ5 is a gene encoding a G-protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium.

Methods A total of 218 PA patients and 853 essential hypertension (EH) patients was enrolled in this study, taqMan assay was used to detect the rs1221497 polymorphism of KCNJ5 gene.

Results The genotypes of rs1221497 were in H-W equilibrium in both PA group and EH group, the genotype frequencies of GG, GC, CC were 208, 39, 1 in PA group and 631, 177, 8 in EH group; the allele frequencies in the two group were 455, 41 and 1439, 193 respectively. The distribution of GG genotype and G allele differ significantly between PA group and EH group. Logistic regression showed that GG genotype was also associated with PA after adjusting age.

Conclusions GG genotype and G allele may contribute to the occurrence of PA.

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