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Cardiac rehabilitation: worth it?
  1. Hugh Bethell (hugh{at}
  1. Basingstoke & Alton Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre, United Kingdom
    1. Hasnain Dalal (hayes.dalal{at}
    1. Penninsula Medical School, United Kingdom
      1. Robert Lewin (rjpl1{at}
      1. BHF Care & Education Research Group, University Of York, United Kingdom


        What is cardiac rehabilitation? Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is a multidisciplinary intervention for people with heart disease. Its main aims are to help the patient to recover as quickly and completely as possible and then to reduce to a minimum the chance of recurrence of the cardiac illness. It has a fifty year history and an extensive evidence base that shows it to be one of the most beneficial and cost-effective treatments available to patients with coronary disease.

        • cardiac rehabilitation
        • coronary heart disease
        • education
        • exercise
        • secondary prevention

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