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Acute Aortic Syndrome: a new sight to an old conundrum.
  1. Isidre Vilacosta (ivilac{at}
  1. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Spain
    1. Paloma Aragoncillo (parangocillo.hcsc{at}
    1. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Spain
      1. Victoria Cañadas Godoy (victoria_canadasgodoy{at}
      1. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Spain
        1. Jose Alberto San Román (asanroman{at}
        1. Hospital Universitario de Valladolid, Spain
          1. Joaquín Ferreirós (jferreiros.hcsc{at}
          1. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Spain
            1. Enrique Rodríguez (jrodriguez.hcsc{at}
            1. Hospital Clinico San Carlos, Spain


              The term acute aortic syndrome (AAS), coined several years ago is now widely recognized. In the light of new findings in aortic pathology, and in an era when modern imaging techniques are widely available and interventional management of AAS is increasing, we wanted to revisit some morphologic and diagnostic aspects of acute aortic pathology and update this syndrome.

              This article provides a novel, comprehensive, and insightful overview of the pathology, diagnosis, evolution, and management of patients with AAS. As acute aortic pathology is the most frequently fatal condition in patients with chest pain, prompt recognition and treatment is of paramount importance.

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