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Vascular Risk Checks in the UK: strategic challenges for implementation
  1. Kiran CR Patel (kiran.patel{at}
  1. Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust and Univ. of Birmingham, United Kingdom
    1. Rubin Minhas
    1. Rand University, United States
      1. Paramjit Gill
      1. Univ of Bham, United Kingdom
        1. Kamlesh Khunti
        1. University of Leicester, United Kingdom


          The vascular risk assessment programme to be formally launched by the Department of health in April 2009 is a step towards addressing health inequalities by virtue of systematic screening of individuals 40-74 years of age for cardiovascular risk. The task is significant and there are several issues which must be considered prior to implementation and opportunities which arise too. Here we summarise the challenges such a programme may be confronted with and issues which require resolution prior to implementation to make it most effective.

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