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Focal atrial tachycardia
  1. Raphael Rosso (roswin1{at}
  1. The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia
    1. Peter Kistler (peter.kistler{at}
    1. Baker Heart Research Institute, Australia


      Focal atrial tachycardia is a relative uncommon arrhythmia. Nevertheless, the generally poor response to medical therapy in focal atrial tachycardia can pose several problems in the managements of highly symptomatic patients. Moreover, atrial tachycardia can trigger other atrial arrhythmias like atrial fibrillation and flutter. Radiofrequency ablation of focal atrial tachycardia is extremely successful and this approach is becoming the treatment of choice for symptomatic patients.

      In this review, we describe the pathophysiology, anatomic localisation, clinical features, diagnosis and therapeutic options for the management of focal atrial tachycardia.

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