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6-minute walk test- independant prognosic marker?
  1. Carlo Rostagno*
  1. Dipartimento Area Critica Università Firenze, Italy
  1. Correspondence to: Carlo Rostagno, Area Critica, Università di Firenze, Viale Morgagni 85, Firenze, 50134, Italy; c.rostagno{at}


It is difficult to assess that distance walked at 6MWT may be considered an independent factor of risk when an other objective test of functional capacity such as CPET is used in the same population. In fact, despite clear differences between the two tests , the relation between pVO2 and distance walked at 6MWT found by most authors make relatively unreliable that they may be at all independently related prognostic factors . Most interesting is the application of 6MWT as test of functional cardiovascular capacity in several clinical contests , including the preoperative evaluation of surgical risk in different valvular and not valvular heart surgery .

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