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Impaired endothelial function in obstructive sleep apnoea: Allometric scaling can help estimate the true difference in flow-mediated response
  1. Greg Atkinson
  1. Correspondence to Professor Greg Atkinson, Teeside University, Health and Social Care Institute, Middlesborough TS1 3BA, UK; Greg.Atkinson{at}

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To the Editor One of the most consistent findings in research on percentage flow-mediated dilation (FMD%) is the negative correlation between baseline arterial diameter (Dbase) and FMD% itself. The study by Namtvedt et al1 is no exception in this respect. FMD% is obviously already an attempt to ‘normalise’ the measured change in arterial diameter (in millimetre) for variability in Dbase, but seems to do this job poorly.2 ,3

In a well-designed study, Namtvedt et al1 reported that FMD% was 3.7% lower in patients with …

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