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Decision to intervene in asymptomatic mitral regurgitation: ‘more art than science’
  1. Piotr Szymański,
  2. Tomasz Hryniewiecki
  1. Valvular Heart Disease Department, Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw, Poland
  1. Correspondence to Dr Piotr Szymański, Echocardiographic Laboratory, Valvular Heart Disease Department, Institute of Cardiology, Alpejska 42, Warsaw 04-628, Poland; p.szymanski{at}

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To the Editor, In a recently published Editorial to the new 2014 ACC/AHA Guidelines for the Management of Patients with Valvular Heart Disease, its authors note that ‘since in asymptomatic patients decisions on timing of intervention is made primarily on the basis of left ventricular size and function and quantitative evaluation of mitral regurgitation severity, accurate measurements of the left ventricular function, as well as the degree of MR, are essential.’1 This is now even more important than before because the guidelines consider surgery …

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