Video Sequences


Video Sequences
Two Video Sequence files accompany this article.

Files in this Data Supplement:

  • [View Video] - Volume Rendering reconstruction: The relationships between the cardiovascular structures of the thorax are appreciated in the dataset reconstructed in the diastolic phase.
    File size: 460KB
  • [View Video] - Virtual Angioscopic reconstruction of the thoracic aorta in the diastolic phase: The movie begins with the viewing point in the true lumen of the descending thoracic aorta pointing towards the aortic arch. At the level of the aortic arch the viewpoint tilt and points towards the false lumen in the ascending aorta which appears dilated by the diastolic pressure. The true lumen is located on the left side of the flap in the ascending aorta.
    File size: 2.157 MB