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ASSA14-10-02 Treatment Effect of Trimetazidin on Cardiac Function in Mild-Moderate Systolic Heart Failure Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
  1. NY Shuixiang
  1. 9th Hospital of Peking University, Capital Medical University Affiliated Beijing Shijitan Hospital


Objective To investigate the treatment effect of trimetazidin in mild-moderate systolic heart failure patients diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

Method 130 patients diagnosed coronary heart disease and systolic heart were consecutive enrolled from December 31th 2012 to December 31th 2013. These patients were randomly divided into routine treatment group who received GDMT (n = 64) and trimetazidin group who received trimetazidin 20 mg tid on the basis of GDMT (n = 66). Pro-BNP, cardiac function (LVEF, LVEDD, E/A ratio) were analysed on admission and 3 months after dismissed.

Results Improvement on LVEDD were better in trimetazidin group than routine treatment group (p > 0.05),pro-BNP, LVEF, E/A ratio were significantly better in trimetazidin group than routine group (p < 0.05).

Conclusion Trimetazidin can improve cardiac function in mild-moderate systolic heart failure patients with coronary heart disease.

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