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ASSA14-12-06 Effects of Internal Iliac Artery Embolization to Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome in Simulated-Pelvic-Fracture Dog Combined with Massive Bleeding
  1. J Tian1,
  2. L Xiang1,
  3. M Liang2,
  4. J Sun2,
  5. J Rong2,
  6. F Xuan2,
  7. L Zhao2,
  8. Y Han2
  1. 1Department of Orthopedics Northern Hospital, No 83 Wenhua Road Shenhe Dist, Shenyang 110016, Liaoning Prov., People’s Republic of China
  2. 2Department of Cardiology, Institute of Cardiovascular Research of People’s Liberation Army, Shenyang General Hospital, Shenyang, Liaoning 110840, China


Objective To observe the effects of early internal iliac artery embolization to systemic inflammatory response syndrome in simulated-pelvic-fracture dog combined with massive bleeding canine.

Methods 20 adult dogs were randomly divided into the Embolization Group (EG) and Control Group (CG). Such indicators of the 2 groups as heart rate, respiratory rate and body temperature and others were collected then, and IL-6, TNF-α and arterial blood gas were monitored. The indicators of CG targets were collected every 30 min till death after modelling, experimental dogs in EG underwent arterial angiography after 60 min of modelling, and embolized the internal iliac artery of the injured side.

Results The average time of SIRS in CG was 3.56 hr, with the occurring rate of 90% (9/10) within 24 h, and mortality rate of 50% (5/10); the average time of SIRS in EG was 5.33 hr, with the occcuring rate of 30% (3/10) within 24 h, and mortality rate of 10% (1/10). When SIRS of EG happened, the mean plasma IL-6 levels was 52.66 ± 7.38 pg/ml and TNF-α level was 11.45 ± 2.72 ng/ml showing significant difference with those of CG (p < 0.05).

Conclusion Through on-spot interventional treatment cabin, the early internal iliac artery embolization could control pelvic fracture bleeding, delay the occurring of SIRS, and improve the success rate of the treatment of pelvic fracture combined with bleeding.

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