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31 Cardiac myxoma in the republic of ireland: a national incidence study
  1. T’ NiDhonnchu1,
  2. A Daly2,
  3. S Ogbo3,
  4. L Keita4,
  5. N Mulligan1,
  6. J McCarthy1
  1. 1Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
  2. 2Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland
  3. 3St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland
  4. 4University College Hospital Galway, Ireland
  5. We would like to acknowledge all of the cardiac surgeons in Ireland whose surgery has contributed to this study


Aim Atrial Myxomas are the most common primary, cardiac tumour. Very few studies, which examine age-standardised incidence rates, exist. The Republic of Ireland is a captive population, ideal for incidence studies. A previous national study, published in 1993, concluded that the incidence, of cardiac myxomas in Ireland, was 0.05 per 100,000 per year. We aim to establish the national age-standardised incidence of cardiac myxomas, for both men and women, in Ireland.

Methods We conducted a ten year, retrospective study involving all patients who underwent resection of a cardiac myxoma in the Republic of Ireland between 2004 and 2013. Key word search of histology records were cross-referenced with theatre logs and review of patient charts. An age-standardised incidence rate was performed based on the national census figures from 2011.

Results A total of 91 patients underwent resection of a cardiac myxoma in Ireland between January 2004 and December 2013. 63% (n = 57) of patients were female and 37% (n = 34) were male. Overall age standardised incidence is 0.15 per 100,000 (age range 17–87). Age standardised incidence of 0.11 per 100,000 for men (range 17–87). Age standardised incidence of 0.17 per 100,000 for women (range 23–85). Median age at time of surgery was 63 for women and 60.5 for men. 89% (n = 81) of tumours were located in the left atrium with 9.9% (n = 9) in the right atrium and 1.1% (n = 1) in the ventricle.

Conclusion Age-standardised rate of cardiac myxoma in Ireland is 0.15 per 100,000 per year. An apparent, three fold increase in incidence, when compared with an older irish study, is likely due to improved pre operative diagnostic techniques.

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