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22 Single centre experience of incorporating knowledge-based reconstruction for right ventricular volumetry into clinical practice
  1. Greg Skinner,
  2. Suhair O Shebani
  1. East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre Glenfield Hospital, Leicester, UK


Knowledge-based reconstruction (KBR) is a new technique for calculating the volume of cardiac chambers accurately. The technique can be applied to 3D datasets (eg, MRI scans), but can also be used with conventional 2D echocardiography by tracking the probe position and orientation in 3D space. It is particularly useful for assessing the volume of the right ventricle without having to undergo an MRI scan.

We acquired a KBR system in March 2015, and have been putting it into practice. We have performed 69 studies in 45 patients over an 18 month period, ages between 5 and 70 years average 18.9 years, 28 patients (62%) were between 5–12 years and 37 patients (82%) were below 18 years of age. Indications mainly for post surgical Tetralogy of Fallot variants or post pulmonary valve dilation resulting in free pulmonary regurgitation or mixed valve disease with resulting significant right ventricular volume loading . In a subset we have performed analysis on 13 patients who underwent pulmonary valve replacement, giving pre- and post- surgical RV volume and function analysis, all 13 patients had Cardiac MRI pre surgery, that was comparable to the pre-surgical KBR analysis.

Conclusion Knowledge based reconstruction of right and left ventricle volumetric data can be preformed with good reliability and good alternative to MRI.

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Our institute inter-observational variability

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