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232 Endothelial ship2 knockout causes nox2 nadph oxidase-dependent oxidative stress and endothelial dysfunction
  1. Peysh Patel1,
  2. Nicole Watt2,
  3. Matthew Gage2,
  4. Nadira Yuldasheva2,
  5. Hema Viswambharan2,
  6. Andrew Walker,
  7. Noman Ali2,
  8. Stacey Galloway2,
  9. Romana Mughal2,
  10. Stephen Wheatcroft2,
  11. Stephane Schurmans2,
  12. Mark Kearney2,
  13. Richard Cubbon2
  1. 1Leeds Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Medicine
  2. 2University of Liege

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