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British Cardiovascular Society Young Investigator Award 2019
  1. Donna Joanne Page1,2,
  2. Naveed Akbar3,
  3. Sonali Munshaw3,
  4. Betty Raman3
  1. 1 Division of Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
  2. 2 Department of Life Sciences, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, UK
  3. 3 Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
  1. Correspondence to Dr Donna Joanne Page, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester M1 5GD, UK;{at}

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The four finalists for the 2019 British Cardiovascular Society (BCS) Young Investigator Award (YIA) were selected from a competitive pool of young researchers. At the BCS meeting in Manchester last June, each finalist gave a 10 min oral presentation, followed by questions from a panel of independent judges. All finalists were guests of the BCS at the Society’s Annual Dinner, and first prize was awarded to Donna Page and presented by Dr Simon Ray, BCS President.

The details of the four YIA finalists and their academic training and interests can be seen below. We look forward to seeing new investigators and ideas at next year’s meeting and encourage all those training in cardiovascular research to submit their best research to this competition.


Dr Donna J Page

Identification of the major genetic contributors to tetralogy of Fallot

Dr Donna J Page is a Lecturer in Healthcare Science at Manchester Metropolitan University and an honorary Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Manchester(figure 1). She completed her PhD at the University of Manchester in the area of Cardiovascular Development with Dr Shane Herbert. Specifically, her work focused on the molecular control of blood vessel development using the zebrafish embryo model. Donna continued her postdoctoral studies at the University of Manchester in the area of Cardiovascular Genetics with Professor Bernard Keavney. The focus of her research is the genetics of congenital heart …

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