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137 Validation and utility of a novel mapping system in ablation of complex arrhythmias in adult congenital heart disease: a multicentre UK study
  1. Vinit Sawhney1,
  2. Jason Garcia2,
  3. Holly Daw2,
  4. Bejal Pandya2,
  5. Katherine VonKlemperer2,
  6. Fiona Walker2,
  7. Richard Bennett2,
  8. Pier Lambiase2,
  9. Anthony Chow1,
  10. Johan Waktare2,
  11. Reza Ashrafi2,
  12. Ashley Nisbet2,
  13. Mehul Dhinoja2,
  14. Vivienne Ezzat2,
  15. Martin Lowe1
  1. 1Barts Heart Centre
  2. 2NHS

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