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54 A contemporary interprofessional collaboration scheme to support patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for myocardial infarction
  1. Navin Mukundu Nagesh1,
  2. Manish Gandhi2
  1. 1University of Exeter Medical School
  2. 2Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital


Introduction There is a profound physical and psychological impact on patients presenting with acute ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) during symptom onset, transit to hospital, during primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI), and prior to discharge. There is little multimedia support for patients during this acute phase.

To (i) undertake a survey of healthcare professionals about patient support for STEMI, and (ii) develop a high quality mobile application with film, animation and audio as an educational resource, utilizing a novel interprofessional collaboration (IC) utilising experience and thoughts from key health professionals who support STEMI patients during the early phase of an acute admission.

Methods A mixed methods questionnaire survey about communication and patient education was prospectively self-administered to members of the IC. Results were utilised to develop multimedia resources hosted on a novel mobile application and website to support patients during acute STEMI.

Results A total of 53 members of contributed to the IC (4 cardiologists, 5 ambulance paramedics, 6 coronary care nurses, 5 cardiac rehabilitation nurses, 5 cardiac physiologists, 2 cardiac catheterisation nurses, 8 non cardiology doctors, 15 medical and nursing students and 4 STEMI patients). 51% rated the current education resources for acute MI patients as ‘inadequate’. 74% felt that these education resources should be contained in an online/mobile resource and 79.6% felt it should be delivered via an interactive film. 92.5% felt there was inadequate psychological support for STEMI patients during the admission. A novel mobile application and website was developed with an interactive film, virtual reality and psychological support for STEMI patients during an acute admission (Figure 1).

Conclusions This IC survey identified a gap in educational and psychological support resources for patients with STEMI during the acute admission. A novel mobile application and website with interactive multimedia has been developed to enhance patient centered education and support. These resources will be piloted amongst STEMI patients during an acute admission.

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  • Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Psychological Support
  • Education

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