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31 Community-acquired culture-negative endocarditis: clinical characteristics and outcomes
  1. Anass Maaroufi,
  2. Hatim Zahidi,
  3. Marwa Abdulhakeem,
  4. Rachida Habbal
  1. Ibn Rochd University Hospital, Casablanca, Morocco


Introduction Community-acquired culture-negative endocarditis is a rare entity poorly studied.

Objectives We studied the clinical characteristics, in-hospital mortality, and short-term prognosis of patients with culture-negative endocarditis.

Methods In total, 104 episodes of definite endocarditis according to duke criteria, were studied (2014–2019). We compared the clinical, laboratory, and echocardiography characteristics and the complications and survival rates of patients with culture-negative and culture-positive endocarditis.

Results Culture-negative endocarditis occurred in 76/104 (73%) episodes. Compared with the culture-positive endocarditis patients, the time elapsed between first symptoms and admission was lower in patients with culture-negative endocarditis , a mean of 20 days vs 30 days in culture positive group (p < 0.05), and these patients also had lower C-reactive protein levels at admission (99 vs 120 mg/dl) (p < 0.05). in hospital stay was not diffirent between the two groups with a mean of days of hospitalization of 27 days . However in-hospital mortality rates were higher in culture-negative versus culture-positive patients (15% vs 11% mortality rate) . as for comlication rates Severe sepsis and vascular comlication (stroke , splenic infarction ) were higher in the negative culture group with 7.9 % vs 3.1% in the positive culture groupe p< 0.05.

Conclusions Culture-negative endocarditis patients presented with lower levels of C-reactive protein at admission and required less time for hospital admission, however presented a higher rate of in-hospital mortality and complications compared to culture-positive endocarditis patients.

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  • endocarditis
  • culture-negative
  • community-acquired

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