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211 Aspirin is associated with lower risks of severe covid-19 disease: a population-based study
  1. Gary Tse1,
  2. Qingpeng Zhang2,
  3. Abraham Wai3,
  4. Emma King4,
  5. Keith Leung5,
  6. Sharen Lee6,
  7. Carlin Chang7,
  8. Ian Wong3,
  9. Bernard Cheung3,
  10. Jiandong Zhou8,
  11. Tong Liu9,
  12. Hok Him Pui3
  1. 1Hong Kong Metropolitan University
  2. 2City University of Hong Kong
  3. 3The University of Hong Kong
  4. 4Cardiovascular Analytics Group
  5. 5Aston University / The University of Hong Kong
  6. 6Chinese University of Hong Kong
  7. 7Queen Mary Hospital
  8. 8University of Oxford
  9. 9Second Hospital of Tianjin Medical University


Introduction The use of aspirin has been hypothesized to improve severe clinical outcomes in COVID-19 infection. The present study aims to evaluate the effect of both antecedent and inpatient aspirin use, individually and concomitant with other medications, on severe disease outcomes in COVID-19 positive patients treated with steroids/antiviral therapy.

Methods Consecutive patients who attended Hong Kong’s public hospitals or outpatient clinics between 1st January and 8th December 2020 for COVID-19 reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and received steroids/antiviral therapy were included. Propensity score matching (1:1) between aspirin users and non-users was performed. The primary endpoint was the composite outcome of the need for intubation and 30-day all-cause mortality.

Results A total of 2664 RT-PCR positive and hospitalized COVID-19 patients receiving steroids/antiviral therapy were included (male= 50.7%, baseline age= 52.3 [35.2-64.6] years old). Over follow-up, 2.96% suffered from 30-day all-cause mortality. Univariable logistic regression showed that aspirin use was associated with lower odds of severe COVID-19 in the propensity score-matched cohort (odds ratio [OR]: 0.33, 95% confidence interval [CI]: [0.18, 0.6]; P=0.0003). This association remained significant following adjustment for significant confounders (OR= 0.33, 95% CI= [0.18, 0.59], P= 0002).

Conclusion Aspirin use was associated with lower odds of severe outcomes in COVID-19.

Conflict of Interest None

  • COVID-19
  • aspirin
  • outcomes

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