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The electrocardiogram of athletes Comparison with untrained subjects
  1. W. Van Ganse,
  2. L. Versee,
  3. W. Eylenbosch,
  4. K. Vuylsteek
  1. Laboratorium voor Gezondheidsleer en Sociale Geneeskunde, Faculty of Medicine, Ghent University, Belgium


    The resting electrocardiograms of 30 cyclists currently involved in competitive sport were compared with those of an equal number of healthy controls matched for age, height, and weight. The cyclists had significantly lower heart rates, longer PQ,QRS, and QTc intervals, higher T waves in lead II, left axis deviation of the T wave, higher R waves in the right and deeper S waves in the left praecordial leads, and deeper S waves in the right and higher R waves in the left praecordial leads.

    The possible significance of these findings should be assessed by prolonged prospective studies in athletes and untrained control subjects.

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    • 1 Presented in part at the Vth International Congress of Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Rome, 8–12 Oct 1968. This study was assisted in part by a grant of the National Fonds voor Wetenschappelijk onderzoek, Brussels, Belgium.

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