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Congenital heart disease in Ceylon
  1. N. J. Wallooppillai,
  2. M. de S. Jayaṡinghe
  1. Cardiac Investigation Unit, General Hospital, Colombo, Ceylon


    An analysis of 555 consecutive cases of congenital heart disease in Ceylon has shown that for the whole series interatrial septal defect is the commonest cardiac lesion; next is interventricular septal defect, followed by persistent ductus arteriosus. Interventricular and interatrial septal defects are equally common among all the patients below 16 years of age, but interventricular septal defects are commonest among those below 11 years. Persistent truncus arteriosus is unusually common, while coarctation of the aorta and congenital aortic stenosis are rare, as compared with series reported from other places.

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