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Haemodynamic factors influencing opening snap interval in mitral stenosis
  1. Roland Ebringer,
  2. Aubrey Pitt,
  3. S. T. Anderson
  1. Cardiovascular Diagnostic Service, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  2. Monash University Department of Medicine, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


    Various haemodynamic measurements were correlated with the A2–OS interval in 35 patients with pure or predominant mitral stenosis.

    There was good correlation of left atrial V wave pressure, left ventricular systolic pressure, and mitral mean diastolic gradient with A2–OS. There was no significant correlation of mitral valve area with A2–OS. When the left ventricular pressure was arbitrarily assigned to one particular pressure (100 mm. Hg) correlations with all other variables improved. There was still no correlation of A2–OS interval with mitral valve area.

    These and other haemodynamic factors influencing the A2–OS interval are briefly discussed.

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