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The rsR′ pattern in left surface leads in ventricular aneurysm
  1. Nabil El-Sherif
  1. Cardiology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt, U.A.R.


    A characteristic rsR′ pattern or its variants (rSr′ or rSR′) with normal or prolonged QRS duration in left surface leads including the apex lead and the orthogonal scalar X lead was described in 18 patients with coronary heart disease; in 17 of them a ventricular aneurysm was present. Necropsy in 12 patients showed the ventricular aneurysm to be secondary to an extensive confluent scarring of the anterior and antero-lateral portions of the left ventricle. Explanation of the genesis of the electrocardiographic pattern was attempted and its clinical value was suggested.

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