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Continuous electrocardiographic recording in Prinzmetal's variant angina pectoris
  1. M. Guazzi,
  2. C. Fiorentini,
  3. A. Polese,
  4. F. Magrini
  1. Instituto di Clinica Medica II and Istituto di Ricerche Cardiovascolari, University of Milan, Milan, Italy

    A report of four cases


    Four patients with Prinzmetal's variant angina pectoris were subjected to continuous electrocardiographic recording. In three of them several episodes of ST segment elevation unaccompanied by pain were recorded. In one patient, identical electrocardiographic alterations were observed both in presence or in absence of pain, while in the others a good correlation was evident between pain and severity of the electrocardiographic abnormalities. In two patients transmural myocardial infarction complicated the course of the angina. In contrast to the classical findings, in these patients the attacks of chest pain did not cease after the infarction, but became more frequent and severe. The electrocardiographic alterations of the anginal episodes occurred in the same myocardial areas involved by the infarction, so that a reversible superposition of electrocardiographic signs of acute ischaemia on those of recent necrosis was observed.

    Continuous electrocardiographic recording provided the best means of investigation of these patients with the variant form of angina pectoris.

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