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Right bundle-branch block and left axis deviation in acute myocardial infarction.
  1. J C Roos,
  2. A J Dunning


    Of 114 patients with acute myocardial infarction admitted consecutively to a coronary care unit, 10 had recent antero-septal myocardial infarction associated with right bundle-branch block and obvious left axis deviation, and I had recent antero-septal myocardial infarction with right bundle-branch block and right axis deviation. Attention is drawn to the high mortality (7 out of 11 patients), due mainly to cardiogenic shock. Frequent complications were sudden complete heart block (5 patients) and ventricular asystole (4 patients) without previous lengthening of the atrioventricular conduction time. An external on-demand pacemaker was inserted in 10 patients, and no patient died of complete heart block or ventricular asystole.

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