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Risks of mild hypertension: a ten-year report
  1. Oglesby Paul1
  1. Participating Centers in the Pooling Project of the Council on Epidemiology of the American Heart Association


    Data relating to the risks of hypertension are presented from six prospective studies of cardiovascular disease initiated in the United States 1948–1958. 6640 men, aged 30 to 59 when first seen, were followed for 10 years and observations recorded on morbidity from cardiovascular disease and mortality from all causes as well as from cardiovascular disease. Diastolic blood pressures of 85 to 104 mm. Hg as recorded on the initial visit have unfavourable implications in terms of total death rate, deaths from coronary disease, major coronary events (non-fatal myocardial infarctions and deaths from coronary disease), and cerebrovascular episodes. The deleterious effect is most conspicuous in men in their fifties, but also appears in the younger age groups.

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    • 1 Address: Passavant Memorial Hospital, 303 East Superior Street, Chicago, Illinois 60611, U.S.A.

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