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Surgical treatment of ventricular tachycardia after epicardial mapping studies.
  1. R A Spurrell,
  2. A K Yates,
  3. C W Thorburn,
  4. G E Sowton,
  5. D C Deuchar


    Two patients with intractable life-threatening ventricular tachycardias have been studied using intracardiac electrograms and programmed electrical stimulation of the heart. Both patients have shown to have an underlying re-entry mechanism in the ventricles as the basis for the tachycardias. Both patients underwent epicardial mapping studies at cardiac surgery, and the site of re-entry was established. In one patient the re-entry front was found to start in the posterobasal region of the left ventricle and in the other patient the re-entry front was found in the anterobasal region of the right ventricle. In both patients surgical interruption of the re-entry front was carried out. Both patients are alive and free from tachycardias at the time of writing.

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