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Atrioventricular conduction in patients with clinical indications for transvenous cardiac pacing.
  1. S I Cohen,
  2. L K Smith,
  3. J M Aoresty,
  4. P Voukydis,
  5. E Morkin


    Eighty patients with clinical indications for cardiac pacing had atrioventricular conduction analysed by His bundle study. The indications for cardiac pacing included high grade atrioventricular block, sick sinus node syndrome without tachycardia, bradycardia-tachycardia syndrome, unstable bilateral bundle-branch block, and uncontrolled ventricular irritability. Complete heart block, Wenckeback block (Mobitz I), and 2:1 block were noted proximal and distal to the His bundle. Mobitz II block only occurred distal to the His bundle. Of special interest were the high incidence of distal conduction abnormalities by His bundle analysis (40/80, 50%), the re-establishment of normal atrioventricular conduction in acutely ill patients with recent evidence of heart block, and the high incidence of intraventricular conduction disturbances on standard electrocardiogram (48/80, 60%).

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