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Radioimmunoassay of serum digoxin in relation to digoxin intoxication.
  1. R B Singh,
  2. A N Rai,
  3. D P Dube,
  4. D K Srivastav,
  5. P N Somani,
  6. B C Katiyar


    Serum digoxin estimations were done in 98 patients receiving digoxin for heart failure of varied aetiology. Digoxin toxicity or the lack of it was determined on the basin of established electrocardiographic criteria. Fifty-two patients were classified as 'toxic' and 46 as 'non-toxic'. The difference is the mean digoxin levels between the two groups was highly significant (P less than 0.001). The mean serum digoxin level in 'non-toxic' patients was slightly higher than that found by other investigators. Fairly good correlations have been noted between different dosage schedules and various rhythm disturbances. Death was attributed to digoxin toxicity in only 2 patients who showed electrocardiographic evidence of intoxication at the time of death.

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