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Coarctation of aorta with right aortic arch. Report of surgical correction in 2 cases: one with associated anomalous origin of left circumflex coronary artery from the right pulmonary artery.
  1. M Honey,
  2. J C Lincoln,
  3. M P Osborne,
  4. D P de Bono


    Two patients with right aortic arch, anomalous left subclavian artery, and coarctation of theaorta, have been operations for the relief of coarctation, successful in one but only partially successful in the other: in one case, a 'dacron' patch was inserted into the narrowed segment, but a mild recurrence of coarctation was found a year later; in the other, the proximal segment of the anomalous left subclavian artery was used for the repair, with complete relief of the coarctation, both immediately and at late follow-up. The first case had multiple associated congenital abnormalities, including anomalous origin of the left circumflex coronary artery from the right pulmonary artery, which was also corrected surgically: this anomaly has only been recorded once hitherto. The second had facial haemangiomata and a small ventricular septal defect. Four previously reported cases of coarctation and right arch are reviewed. These 6 cases are considered in the light of current views on the development and classification of aortic arch anomalies.

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