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Sustained haemodynamic action of nitroglycerin ointment.
  1. S G Meister,
  2. T R Engel,
  3. N Guiha,
  4. C M Furr,
  5. G S Feitosa,
  6. K Hart,
  7. W S Frankl


    Intravenous vasodilators have been shown to improve the haemodynamic status of patients in congestive heart failure. However, neither intravenous nor sublingual preparations are suitable for chronic administration or use in ambulatory patients. In this study, nitroglycerin ointment bas administered to 11 patients in congestive heart failure. Mean pulmonary wedge and arterial pressures, as well as systemic blood pressures and heart rate were then monitored for 2 to 5 hours and compared with baseline values. Pulmonary wedge and arterial pressures, as well as systemic systolic arterial pressure, decreased significantly at 15 minutes after application and remained depressed for up to 5 hours. Systemic diastolic pressures fell significantly at 30 minutes and also remained significantly reduced for up to 5 hours. Thus, nitroglycerin ointment may be suitable for chronic vasodilator therapy of congestive heart failure.

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